Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let There Be Lights

So we had a junction box by the wall, and a big hook in the middle of the ceiling where our dining room table would naturally go. It was pretty obvious what needed to happen here.

I'd never wired anything in my life, but with a little help from our friends at the hardware store, I got the wires connected, ran them through a wire guide, and our awesome new lamp fixed up. Success!

And then, having successfully wired one light fixture, I was literally mad with power. So I wired up our ceiling fan in the same room. This was also when I moved the light switch in the studio.

This is the "Globo Mistral" fan we got for the living/dining room:

I did the same thing as in the dining room for the bedroom, where there was already a wire running across the ceiling, but one that looked terrifyingly ancient, and which was run across the ceiling by a method that no one would use today- a double wire split down the middle and fitted over little plugs. Weird. Also, our neighbor told us the red lantern shade here made the room look "like a bordello" (a little of that classic Dutch bluntness for you!) Luckily, we were already planning to ditch it.

We replaced the "bordello lantern" with this much classier Tiffany lamp. This lamp was hilariously described in the catalog as "XXL White Lady". So our room doesn't look like a bordello anymore, but there is a big white lady swinging from the chandelier!

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